Looking for an all weather protection storage solution? WNC Custom Storage Solutions offers a quick, economical solution to fit your needs. Our Storage facilities can be built on your property or you can rent a space at one of our facilities. These storage facilities are designed to be permanent; however, they can still be disassembled and re-erected at another location if needed. Because of their heavy duty construction they also offer better security than a typical custom built storage shed.

There are several aspects of our storage solutions you can customize:

  • Roof Style (gable or gambrel)
  • Mounting (inner, offset or outer)
  • Width between containers
  • Gable 2-3/12 pitch, 12.7 degrees slope
  • Gambrel Upper – 5/12 pitch, 23 degrees slope
  • Gambrel Lower – 7/12 pitch, 30 degrees slope

Need more? Contact us for a complete custom quote!

Complete Custom Options

Width between containers, what space you want covered, height (depends on the span), even the length.


Because of the heavy duty construction of our storage facilities, they are much more secure than the traditional custom built storage shed.


Storage facilities can be taken down and put together at different locations. We can build on your property or you can rent property from us!